Troy, age 8, with his new little friend! He was very knowledgable about chickens when he came to pick up his chicks. He will be a great Silkie daddy!

Sweet Peeps- Nancy Wicker sent me this picture of her daughter  Gracie with her little friend Dolly!!! How precious!!

Ocala bound-CJ Paddock from Ocala, Florida

New Blue chicks

Katie Hagan, one of my favorite silkie peeps, started out with a few chicks from me last year. She is a great 4Her and has her projects she is working on. Here she is with some new silkie chicks and a young cockerel she got from me to keep her project on track. Simply too sweet Katie! You are a great Silkie mama!(Alan Hagan, her father, and Katie make a great team!) 

New Splash owners

  This is Julia Francis and her new splash silkies. She is in 4-H and will be showing this year.Pictured with her are her sister and brothers, Amye,Chris and Wesley. Tracey Francis is their mother. They live in Trenton, Florida. Congratulations Julia on your beautiful splashes!

Even Baseball players love Silkies!!

This is Connor Lashley from Mayo, Florida. He plays baseball for his high school and is now the proud owner of splash and blue silkie chicks.   

Off to Kansas!!!

Emilie Pearson in Junction City, Kansas got splash and blue chicks. Her mother Susan is an elementary teacher that has an incubator in the classroom for the students. Emilie looks so happy with her new chicks!

We Love Silkies!

  Aslynn, 11, Austin, 9, Trent, 7, and the youngest is Amelia,6. They live in Ocala, FL. Each has a brand new silkie chick!

For a great cause!!

I would like to take this time to thank you for donating (to the raffle) the silkie to the Bradford County 4H at the Pet Swap in Starke, FL.  You raised $28.00 for us.  That was a very nice thing for you to do.  I would like to get your mailing address to send a card to you…..


Kimberly A. Griffis

University of Florida


Birthday Silkies!!

  Colby Tanner of Florida, wanted Silkies for his 14th birthday..he got his wish!!! 3 cuties!

Juniors, the future of our Hobby!


  This is Cheyenne Plummer from NC. She is a junior exhibitor. Her mother Tonya,(second from left) is the NC state representative for the American Silkie Bantam Club. Also pictured is Aimee Crego(Signature Farm) on the left and me on the right. Cheyenne got 2 white pullets, a splash, and a blue pullet. I wish her lots of luck with her new silkies!!!

Another Junior silkie friend!

  Cheyenne Maggert is another one of my friends that shows in the Junior class. She purchased "Petal" as a young chick and now is showing her. She shows different varieties. We met up again at the Dalton, GA show in March 2011. I wish her all good luck!

Arcadia, FL 2011

This is Mickeala Flowers. She did very very at the Arcadia show with some silkies that she got from me as juveniles. Good job girl! Proud of you!

She's in LOVE already!!!!!

Molly Pena from NC purchased some chicks and here is what she said:

 THE CHICKS ARE HERE!  I was up at 6:30 am trying to track them and prepare for their arrival...I was anxious, too.  And THANK YOU for the extra!  I was counting them as I pulled them out, and all of a sudden there were 9!  They are absolutely precious, and I'm so excited to have them.  They all seem to be healthy and in great condition after their journey.  Currently, they are eating their little hearts out and drinking lots of fresh water with some extra vitamins/electrolytes to replenish them after their journey.
Also, thank you for the refund on shipping.  I appreciate the honesty.  Between the communication, shipping refund, AND extra chick, I told my husband how wonderful you have been, and he insists that I do business with you again in the future!

Here are some pictures of Sophie with her new chicks!! Too cute!!!







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Future of the Fancy

This is Lizzie Wood of Jacksonville, Florida. She came to the farm and picked out a nice little black pullet. She hopes to show in the fall. Beautiful young lady with her new sweetie!

Madelyn with her new Mille Fleur d'Uccle