What's Available?

Silkie Chicks/Juveniles/Breeder Birds

 Please remember that I am not a hatchery. I hatch for my own pleasure and exhibition. When I have extras, I will offer them to you. There may be a limit on what I can offer. Don't ask me for all females...not going happen. If you ask for 2 females, you will also be required to take a male. 






Shipping is very stressful on chicks and birds. Please be advised that the I do not refund for chicks or birds that do not make the trip. I will pack them with fruits for nutrition and hydration for their journey, but I do not give refunds on birds.There is no guarantee once they leave my farm. I have no control over the USPS.

No chicks or birds will be sent without full payment... I am NPIP tested and AI clean. Please remember that NPIP DOES NOT mean that your bird will never get a cold or have an illness. Birds that are shipped will be healthy when they leave my farm. I accept money orders or you can pay with paypal(add 3% for fee)

Hatching Eggs

I do not offer eggs. There are too many variables. If you want a sure thing, get chicks!