Community Service and more Great News!

Children are our greatest asset and as grandparents, Bill & I  try to keep our grandchildren involved at our farm. There's noting better than seeing the look on their faces when they place at the fair or a show and win that ribbon or trophy!! Children are the next generation of this great hobby we all have. I try to help out with local 4H or FFA clubs in my area, whether offering exhibition stock or giving presentations on poultry. Bill & I are always willing to help out the kids! Below are some groups I have visited with some wonderful leaders, parents and kids!

Altoona Eagles 4H Club  Altoona, FL

I got an email from Mary Schmidt (Altoona Eagles 4H) Altoona, Florida interested in purchasing some Silkies. I was happy to donate a beautiful pair of White Silkies and a trio of Splash Old English to their 4H group at school. The kids sent me beautiful letters and a picture of themselves with their new 4H birds. Hope you do well with them kids!!!! Keep me posted! 

Pictured are(not in order):Veronica Reyes,Hayley Benedict,Brandon Evans,Brittany Prevatt,Hannah Braddy,Kolton Waldron,Sarah Christian,Joshua Sakowicz,and Hayden Benedict.


4H Meeting in Ellisville, FL



JR. wins JR Show Champion!!

This is Cheyenne Youngblood. At the CFPBA in March 2012, Cheyenne placed JR Show Champion,Champion Featherleg, and Best of Breed with her Black Pullet "Vickie" that she purchased from me a a young pullet..Congratulations!!!!!