Chick Development...amazing

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Breeding Colors

When breeding these colors, here's what you'll get:


  Splash to Blue= 50% Blue and 50% Splash

  Blue to Blue= 50% Blue, 25% Splash and 25% Black.
  Blue to Black= 50% Black, 50% Blue


  Splash to Splash= 100% Splash

  Splash to Black= 100% Blue

  Black to Black= 100% Black


Can your Silkie see?


Hold the bird at your eye level. If you can see the birds eyes, all is well. If not, plucking or trimming is necessary for the bird to thrive or just survive. If you don't want to show, trim. Trimmed feathers don't grow back until they are molted. If you will show the bird, pluck the feathers.


Remove All Feathers in the Dark Area

Plucking feathers so show birds can see.

  • You will need to pluck every 4-6 weeks
  • Pluck above and below the eye
  • Pluck the areas just in front and in the front 1/3 of the eye.
  • Pluck and then check by holding the bird at eye level and looking for the bird's eyes.
  • After you wash a bird, the feathers are fluffier and you will need to pluck again.

This article is from BrownEggBlueEgg- credit to Alan Stanford PhD

Murphy's Law of the Hatch

* The better quality your flock the less likely you'll be able to hatch as many chicks as you want.

* The single comb hen with four toes on one foot and six toes on the other will lay an egg every day, never molt and never go broody. Her sister with no crest or foot feathers will find these eggs, hide them and hatch them all.

* The Best of Breed pullet with perfect type will never lay. In fact, she'll probably just drop dead. Her mother will lay two eggs and only two eggs before going broody. Her father who was fertile last season will be infertile this season.

* If you raise a really nice bird, odds are that you lost the notes on which breeding pen produced it. If you can find the notes, this will be the pen that the neighbor’s dog managed to kill.

* If you have 6 eggs in your incubator from a mediocre breeding pen and 6 eggs from your very best trio, all six of the mediocre ones will hatch. The 6 from the great trio will be perfectly developed and die in the shell without peeping.

* If you do have a perfect 100% hatch, someone will put the wrong waterer in the brooder and half the chicks will drown.

Happy Hatching!!!!