About Me

   My husband Bill and I have been married for 23 years. He and I were the "Brady Bunch" of sorts when we met. We both had 2 teenagers. We have a "blended" family! We have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.We share the love of the outdoors whether it is fishing or hunting or just sitting on the back porch chillin. We love to fish and have our own "ittle piece of heaven" in the town of Suwannee, Florida where the Suwannee River and the Gulf of Mexico meet, so we have the best of fresh or saltwater fishing. We switch gears when the weather gets cold and hunt for trophies! We want our grandchildren to share our love for the outdoors and our chickens, turkeys and ducks are a way to do that. They can learn so much from watching eggs hatch,to learning how to feed & water the animals.Video games, IPods,and MP3's are a no-no when they come to the farm. They explore,dig,and amuse themselves doing things outside. It is important to us that they learn common sense as well. It is our love for our children and grandchildren that is most important to us at this time in our lives As for Bill & I, we love being "Nana & Papa", and enjoy every minute that we have together! We hope that our grandchildren can appreciate the outdoors as we do and carry on the tradition.

    Our main flock is bearded Silkies. I raise and exhibit White Silkies and the Splash variety. They took my breath away when I first saw them! My husband jokes that the birds get more attention than he does! LOL! He has been wonderful through the whole process!!! Mr.Sunshine(Bill) built me a great "Condo" for my hobby (12x80) and just completed a 12x27 "Brooder house". It was just what I needed to incubate,& hatch chicks and groom at show time!! 

In addition to my Silkies, we also raise large fowl Ameraucanas & Brahmas. In bantams, we raise American Game and Phoenix. 

 I am a MASTER BREEDER & EXHIBITOR with the American Bantam Association in the White Variety of Silkies. I also serve as Vice President of the American Silkie Bantam Club as well as being a Master Breeder/Exhibitor with the club.