2013-2014 Show Season

 I was very fortunate to place Champion Featherleg 6 times this season and Reserve of Show 2 times!



CFPBA Show March 2012

Very happy to report that I placed Best of Breed with my Black Hen, Victoria! She is a lovely girl!

2011-2012 Show Season

Chatahoochee Valley Poultry Club   Newnan, GA Feb 2012

157 Silkies shown at this wonderful show!!!! Happy to report that I placed RV in Black!!!!


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Carpet City Bantam Club Nov 26, 2011

Congratulations to "Ice". He placed Best of Breed, CHAMPION FEATHERLEG, AND CHAMPION OF SHOW!!



Crossroads of America/Indianapolis, IN

  Here is Missy again, placing BEST OF VARIETY at the National show!!!! So happy!!!


CFPBA Inverness, FL Nov 2-11

Didn't get a good picture of Ice with his plaque. He was tired from posing I guess!!Thrilled beyond words at this double show. First show/ Res FL,BB,BV,RV white, RV Black pullet

Second show- GRAND CHAMPION OF SHOW, CHAMPION BANTAM, CH FL, BB, BV with "Ice" my white cockerel. Same bird...2 shows a winner!!!! 780 birds entered if which 635 were bantams. Such an honor for me. My d'Uccle Mille Fleur placed RES FL in the second show and BB both shows. Our Mandarin duck placed BB both shows.


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